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Friday, March 5, 2010

Freelance Business Executive for Website design

We are 17 years in the web and multimedia industry, we are seeking global business executive for developing website, multimedia projects, TV commercials, 3D modeling, Banner ads, Flash, Action scripting, Visual effects, Title animations and Sound editing.

We promise you that, we will pay highest commission and well respect each of your effort.

Once you signed with us, as a freelance business executive, your job has to find the right customer and bring the project to us (mail).Once the project has done we can share the money. Any doubts please mail me. jaikumarads@gmail.com.

So what you waiting for just go find and earn!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Adobe - Avatar

Adobe and Avatar
The Movie Avatar used Adobe Products,

Design, Conceptual work, textures for Charecters and Creatures also for Matte Paintings

Art and Production used for manage the whole Production.

Catalogue the 1000 of Images

After Effects
Composite Live action elects with CG Elements, Working with live performances, Color Keying, Matte Paintings.

Premiere Pro
Building sequences of movie from output of Avid Files (Aaf)

They Used to Adobe connect Production and Live action Artist.

Concept To Finish - Adobe